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Heal the Sick's Key Roles

    Equip- Prepare leaders for various roles as collaborator, listener, coordinator, and critical thinker in promoting health and healing
  • Support - Assist congregations' health ministries and help develop their role to discern their direction and partners
  • Catalyze - Initiate network creation or support existing networks among congregations, hospitals, and associations

  • Serve- Work as facilitator for sustaining communication and collaboration among local leaders to serve the common good


In order to prepare leaders to engage more fully in healing ministries, Wesley Theological Seminary is building the Heal the Sick Program, led by Wesley @ MVS.  Through this community-based ministry collaboration, Wesley Theological Seminary will equip ministry leaders who will support congregations’ development of health ministries and link such ministries with hospitals, community organizations, public health institutions, and health care providers.  Modeled after promising practices in other communities, we believe that collaboration among health ministries and with these providers will reduce health disparities, particularly reaching out to the poor and improving the health of those in greatest need.

If you would like more information about the Heal the Sick program or would like to work with us in the District of Columbia, Greater Baltimore or Northern Virginia regions, please email us at mvs@wesleyseminary.edu or call 202-706-6838.